A family owned business culture, deeply embedded within the DNA of our 500 employees.

While the latest technologies and manufacturing processes can be found both in our factory as well as our R&D facility as we continuously strive for sustainability and innovation, it is, in fact our people that make us such a reliable and unique partner.

Without dedicated employees, it would be impossible for us to continue to grow and lead the market with innovations.

The proximity of management to our employees has continued over the decades and this drove tremendous business growth for our partners, as well as contributed to the wellbeing of the employees and the community.

Everyone at Baisitai is a valuable member of our extended family, and we invest in ongoing support, trainings, career management and team development. We also provide accomodation to our factory employees who are not located in Shenzen as well as for their family. We learned over time that when employees have their family close their are not only happier, but also more dedicated. Most of our people have been with us for over 20 years treating Baisitai as their own business. This sparks a unique combination of innovation and accountability.

Interview with Justin Li

“We are always one step ahead, on the look-out for the latest market and customer needs and trends”

There are two key requirements that customers all over the worlds keep asking, and these are also the main reasons for which they keep coming back to us. The highest quality standard is the first one. And this is ensured in our factory by the continuous supervision of our integrated production chain.

Personalisation, and being able to flexibly and uniquely meet our buyers’ needs is the second one. We ensure this thanks to our elite R&D team, as well as state of the art personalisation equipment.

Service and post-sale service is another one of our competitive advantages and we manage to ensure this through the dedication of our employees – who treat our customers’ business as their own – coupled with the latest technology and machinery equipment – which allows us to be flexible, solutions-oriented and uniquely service each one of our returning and new customers.
Preserving the high quality reputation that we have built over two decades with such hard-work is one of our key endeavours. And also one of the main reasons for which we have made such large investments in a second factory.

Personal touch. Having been one of the very first employees myself, building and growing the personal connection with each of our buyers over time it is one of my main areas of focus, while our customers’ satisfaction is what motivates me the most, in my daily work.



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