Baisitai Management

An owner-operated, family-owned company deeply committed to highest-quality products and service, to the employees and to the international communities that we are being symbiotically a part of. Built from the scratch 23 years ago, we became one of the largest cables manufacturers across the country through organic, incremental and long-term sustained growth. A deep personal dedication to what we do is what drives us as well as what recommends us.

Our mission

To manufacture sustainable products within the highest international standards, and deliver them through a personal, dedicated and reliable relationship with our clients and partners.

Our values

Reliability. Most of our clients partnered with us for over 20 years,
simply as we have treated their business as our own.

Performance. Our continuously updated as well as recent certifications confirm our commitment to the highest quality standards: both within the factory and the R&D process, as well as embedded in our services and aftermarket support.

Family. As a family owned, owner-operated company, our employees have been with us since the beginning. They are ones who made our sustained growth happen. They treated our business as their own; simply because we treated them as a family of our won.

R&D and Innovation. Having our factory and headquarters in one of China’s innovation hotbeds is not by chance: since the beginning, we have always been striving to develop the most sustainable products and to adopt the newest technologies in our factory.

R&D and Innovation




High management team

Hu Jun, Baisitai Director General

Hu Jun

Director General
Candy Tang, Baisitai Vice President

Candy Tang

Vice President
Tommy Hu, Baisitai Sales Director

Tommy Hu

Sales Director

Wairong Dong

R&D Director

AnHai Lu

Prodaction Director
Justin Li, Baisitai Sales Manager

Justin Li

Sales Manager

“Our success is based on long-standing
relationships with our clients and our specialised skills”

Hu Jun, Baisitai Director General



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