Baisitai Factory

As a founding family, our name is on the production line on a daily basis.

And we guarantee the quality of our products as well as the after-sales service with our own personal reputation.

Even during the challenging year of 2020, at Baisitai we had started to extend the production line with the building of our second factory. This will double Baisitai’s production capacity while ensure the costs go even lower, thanks to the new split fulfilment capabilities.

Nowadays, headquartered in the famous Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen China, we currently have a highly technologized factory of 30.000 m2, employing over 500 people. With a broad portfolio of cables, systems and services, we offer customers worldwide solutions for creating safe and reliable energy and data connections.


Full oversight of the production process, superior quality

Unlike most of your current cable and accessories providers – with most of them also sourcing the copper from us – which rely on third parties for the plastic jacket and personalisation, at Baisitai we are managing the production process within our own factory, and through this, have a stronger oversight on the supply chain.

This full oversight of the production chain is what allows us to provide the quality that we are renewed for, one of the main reasons for which old customers keep coming back to us for over 20 years.


A fully integrated supply chain also allows us to quickly personalise your cables with any design that you would supply. As well as to swiftly innovate, always being one-step ahead in meeting the ever-changing accessories trends and end-customers connectivity needs.

Copper drawing

Plastic compounds

Wire drawing

Cables assembly

Copper wire drawing is one of our unique competitive advantages

Baisitai has built its own conductor and braiding wire factories, and a highly integrated supply chain. Unlike any of your other suppliers, Baisitai’s cables are drawn in our own factories.

Through our certified first-class automatic production equipment and test machines, any of your bespoke design can be easily executed at the highest standards.

Package services are also provided through the related accessories manufacturing, assembly line, as well as after-sales ongoing support.

Factory standards and certifications

At Baisitai we ensure the highest quality product standard and have developed during our over 20 years of experience our own quality standards that exceed by far the normative requirements.

Certified and constantly assessed by some of the largest global consumer technology producers - such as Apple - our current factory meets the global standards in: responsible sources of materials, resource consumption management, occupational health and safety, hazardous waste management, combustible dust hazard management, to name a few of the main criteria we continuously strive to optimise.

To continuously ensure these standards are met we rely on all of our family of employees, guided by our Management Systems Directors at each of our premises – the current factory as well as the newly developing one. They report to our Founder and are supported by a transversal senior leadership team of: Human Resources, our Vice President, and our Chief Operating Officer. The Baisitai factory is fully compliant with an extensive list of standards and certifications, to mention just a few: ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, Apple Certification, HDMI Certified, USB certified, BSCI Complaint, RoHS Complaint, REACH Compliant, CE Certification.



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