For our company sustainability is not optional – it is a key value in our development

As a family company, humanity and resources preservation is at our core. Sustainability is a core value of our Baisitai strategy, and we expect all our employees to be guided by it as a central force in their day-to-day work. We promote sustainable, responsible conduct and continously orient ourselves towards protecting resources and contributing to a better quality of life.

In our industry there are generally two ways in which cables are identified as sustainable: firstly, based on the level of sustainability of the materials that they are made of, and secondly, as a result of the manufacturing process during the production. As a material in itself, copper is infinitely recyclable, with “two-thirds of the copper produced since 1900 being still in productive use.” (according to the German based platform, Matmatch).

When it comes to the manufacturing process, we continously strive to produce in such a way as to limit and reduce the overall environmental impact of the manufacturing process through the aforementioned methods of recycling, conservation, and waste management. With this approach we are not only taking into account the scarcity of natural resources like water and energy, seeking to reduce the usage of those resources; we also seek to reduce the material waste generated during manufacturing in order to prevent more waste products from re-entering the environment.

This approach requires significant planning, evaluation, and investments into developing sustainable processes, but having our own, integrated production chain and the investments in state-of-the-art facilities and new equipment support us in striving for a sustainable production.

Human rights

Labour standards

Environmental protection


At Baisitai, we are committed to doing our part in the grand scheme of maintaining our planet healthy for the next generations.



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