Copper Wire Drawing

Unlike any of your other cables provider, at Baisitai we draw the copper wires in our own factories. Copper sourcing was, in fact, our starting point, over 20 years ago. And it is still now one of the reasons for which buyers from all over Europe, United States, and Africa chose to come back to us.

By drawing the copper wires in our on factories thanks to the large facilities, and first-class heavy copper drawing machines, we ensure a stable and high standards production line, together with quality control at every step of the process, that none of the other providers which actually mostly source the raw copper from us as well, would be able to ensure.

An integrated supply chain: your entire cable production in one Baisitai factory

Personalised Packaging. From copper wire drawing, to assembly, insulation and braiding all the way to personalised sleeving, having the capacity to undertake your whole cable production process in a single factory allows us to monitor the quality process all along the way. As well as to quickly and easily customize your order and personalize your cables with your own unique designs, thanks to our large printing machines.

Everybody buys raw copper from us

We have built our reputation as one of the highest-quality cables manufacturers aver the past two decades, but most of our customers also know that almost all providers in the region also buy raw copper from us.


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